salt yard


How annoying are apology posts? You know, the “sorry I haven’t blogged for so long” etc. etc.  I mean a) who seriously gives a monkeys? And b) it’s my blog and I’ll update it whenever I like thanks. But I do feel I ought to explain as it’s been two years or whatever. I honestly just don’t have ANY TIME any more. For anything. Apart from lunch, maybe.


So, we decided to drop into Salt Yard on Goodge Street the other day, because we were in the area (we’re trying to find a sofa that isn’t completely disgusting and costs less than the holiday we haven’t taken for two years. Basically impossible) and because it’s pretty much a guarantee of good food. We had the entire basement to ourselves which was lovely with an 18 month old, but also made me a little sad. On a run-up to Christmas Saturday the place should have been packed, but I guess Salt Yard doesn’t have the trendy edge it sported a few years ago. Which is a shame because our lunch was incredible.


The food 8/10 – We had crispy squid with aioli, patatas fritas with bravas sauce (“ooh look Ivan spicy chips. No don’t put them in Thomas the tank engine please. Ivan stop smearing your fingers in the sauce. Stop playing with the glasses. And the knives. Oh my god the knives. Arrgh”) the most luscious under blade beef fillet, florentino tomatoes, farro and mint plus chargrilled chicken with smoked aubergine, mint and pomegranates and a very good truffled mac and cheese. Our bill came to just under £40 for two and when I tried to tip the waitress she refused because service was already included. Who in London town refuses a tip?! I love this place.


Baby friendly 8/10 – so they don’t have high chairs and we had to carry the pram down a flight of stairs. But what they do have is the best waitress in the world. She basically took our aioli streaked toddler and entertained him while we had an actual conversation and managed to eat actual food in peace for at least ooh, 15 extremely cherished minutes. She even improvised special wet wipes because somebody had left the house without packing any. He was so happy. We were so happy. God I miss eating out with my husband.

54 Goodge St, London W1T 4NA
020 7637 0657


serves  4-6


110g pudding rice

50g butter

40g sugar

1/2 a nutmeg, grated

1 pint whole milk

400ml coconut milk

1 tsp. vanilla extract

3 tbsp. drinking chocolate powder


  • melt the butter in a medium saucepan over a low heat and stir in the sugar until it dissolves.
  • Add the milk, coconut milk, vanilla  and continue to heat gently, without boiling.
  • Butter a shallow baking dish and tip in the rice. Pour the coconut-milky mixture into the rice and mix well.
  • Add the chocolate powder, stirring to dissolve any lumps. Sprinkle  over half of the nutmeg and place in the oven at 100C for an hour.
  • Add the rest of the nutmeg and continue to bake for another half  an hour or until set but creamy.

Coconut Chocolate Rice Pudding